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N0-10 Takeda-jinja Shrine, Inishie-no Michi
Shimazu Tadayoshi (Jisshinsai) wrote an “iroha-uta,” providing emotional support for the Satsuma Domain, which succeeded in modernizing Japan, and he was loved by many of his people. Takeda-jinja Shrine was built to deify him, and the Samurai Dance, designated as a Cultural Property of the prefecture is dedicated to the shrine on July 23 in summer every year. Water wheel-driven mechanical dolls are also put on display along the waterway in front of the shrine. The “iroha-uta” is a poem consisting of 47 stanzas laying down the code of a samurai on “how to live as a person,” “how to study,” “how to carry oneself in organizations and society,” “the attitude required of a leader,” and so on, and there is a Buddhist pine tree-lined path on the premises known as “Inishie-no Michi” along which there are monuments with the poem written on them.